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How do I know if I need treatment at an infertility clinic?

For women under the age of 35, we recommend discussing treatment options after a couple has not achieved a full-term pregnancy following one year of unprotected intercourse with regular cycles. If cycles are irregular, patients should be seen sooner. For women over the age of 38, we recommend seeking help after six months of unprotected intercourse.

Where is KARMA located?

Our main office is located at 18 Pine Street in Kitchener, ON. Our building is located across from Grand River Hospital’s Emergency Department entrance. Appointments and lab work are done in Suite 107. Ultrasounds are done in Suite 307. IVF procedures and testing are done in Suite 206.


We have a satellite clinic located at 175 Chancellors Way in Guelph, ON.

What are the clinics office hours?

KARMA offers blood and ultrasound monitoring 7 days a week, and only closes on Christmas and New Year’s Day. Cycle monitoring starts at 7AM for both the Kitchener and Guelph locations.


Dr. Campanaro’s office hours for appointments are as follows:

  • Monday – 9AM-3PM - Kitchener
  • Tuesday – 10AM-12PM – Guelph
  • Wednesday – 9AM-3PM – Kitchener
  • Thursday – 9AM-12PM – Kitchener

Semen analysis testing can be done in Kitchener Monday to Friday between 7:30AM and 12PM or in Guelph Monday to Friday between 7AM and 8AM. Appointments must be made ahead of time.


IVF procedures are booked accordingly.

What is IVF Government Funding?

The Government of Ontario will cover one IVF cycle per eligible patient per lifetime. One cycle refers to one instance of egg retrieval, which may yield multiple eggs and result in multiple embryos. The funding includes one-at-a-time transfer of all viable embryos to allow for the possibility of multiple chances for pregnancy. This does not cover medication costs, genetic testing or storage fees. For information about our waitlist, please contact 519-570-0090 x 2.

Who is eligible for IVF Government Funding?

  • Women up to 43 years of age will be eligible for IVF funding, after speaking to their health care provider to determine if IVF is the most appropriate family-building option for them.
  • Men who require services in support of fertility treatment (e.g. surgical sperm retrieval) will be eligible for funded services as part of one funded IVF cycle.
  • Ontario residents with a valid OHIP card who face fertility issues and have not already accessed government-funded IVF, will be eligible for funded fertility services regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation or family status.
  • A woman who is either the intended parent or a surrogate for another individual/family will be eligible.
  • A woman who was previously a surrogate or who may intend to be a surrogate in the future could still be eligible for one funded cycle for the purposes of building her own family. This would avoid discouraging women from acting as a surrogate for others.

How do I become a patient of KARMA and how long will it take?

You will need to have your physician fax a referral to our office (519-570-3202). Once we receive this, the receptionist will contact you directly with more details and to schedule your initial consultation. We can see new patients approximately 4-6 weeks after receiving a referral.


Male patients who would like semen testing done must get a referral sent to our office. We do not accept lab requisitions. Semen results take about 10 days. A follow up appointment will need to be made to review your results with Dr. Campanaro before they can be released to another physician.

What can I expect at my initial consultation?

During this appointment, Dr. Campanaro will discuss your medical and reproductive history. The process of The Investigative Cycle will be explained. Each patient’s situation is unique. These results will which will help Dr. Campanaro determine the best course of treatment for you. This appointment is a great opportunity for you to ask any and all of your questions. You will then meet with the nursing team and base line blood work will be drawn on both partners. In most cases, cycle monitoring will start on day 3 of your next cycle.

I am a single woman/ in a same-sex relationship. Do you offer services that will help me become pregnant?

Yes, we offer therapeutic donor insemination. For more information on sperm banks and this service, contact the lab at 519-570-0090 x 3.

How soon will my lab work and ultrasounds become available?

All cycle monitoring blood samples and ultrasound tests take place in the clinic. This ensures same day reporting.

What is the KARMA Network and how do I get access?

Once logged into the KARMA Network, patients can use their smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices to gain secure and unlimited access during their cycles to specific features which may be pertinent to their care. You will be given a trial of the KARMA network during your investigative cycle. The receptionist will set up a username and password for you at your initial appointment.