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At KARMA, our full service fertility program is recognized as one of Canada’s most successful programs. Using state of the art clinical, laboratory and imaging resources, our medical team plans the best treatment for you to achieving pregnancy.

infertility investigation services

medical history

During your first appointment at KARMA, we will review your medical history. This includes background on your infertility issues as well as information about any previous treatments and outcomes.

physical examinations

A physical examination will take place on female patients typically one week after ovulation.

cycle monitoring

Your cycle is monitored (often on a daily basis) to assess how your hormones and ovaries respond throughout your menstrual cycle (medicated or non-medicated cycle). Monitoring is done through blood hormone assays and ultrasound examinations.


All new patients are assessed by our on-site counselor. Since stress is such a common factor in infertility, she determines the role stress may play in your particular instance and makes recommendations as to how to handle any stress that is present. The goal is to ultimately improve the chances of you achieving a pregnancy.

laboratory services

KARMA has a full service hormonal laboratory where your specimens are tested on-site, seven days a week – with results the same day. We also perform semen analysis as well as specialized testing on sperm to determine the best treatment options.

Male patients being referred for semen analysis must completely read and follow the instructions provided. Please click here to read all the instructions in how to obtain a valid semen sample for testing. If you have not followed all the instructions you will be require to provide a new sample following the directions provided. In addition, you must click here to complete the semen analysis worksheet that you will bring with your semen sample.

ultrasound services

The ultrasound facility at KARMA is regarded as one of the best. In fact, it has received perfect scores in assessments by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. It is also open seven days a week.

At our facility, we can also perform Sonohysterograms (SHG), which use ultrasound to evaluate the inside of the uterine cavity, assess anatomy and determine if the tubes are open.