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At KARMA, our full service fertility program is recognized as one of Canada’s most successful programs. Using state of the art clinical, laboratory and imaging resources, our medical team plans the best treatment for you to achieving pregnancy.

Investigation Services

Initial Consultation

During this appointment you will meet with Dr. Campanaro. She will review your medical and reproductive history. This includes background on your infertility issues as well as information about any previous treatments and outcomes. The process of The Investigative Cycle will be explained to you in detail. This is a great opportunity for you to ask any and all of your questions. You will then meet with the nursing team and base line blood work will be drawn on both partners. In most cases, cycle monitoring will start on day 3 of your next cycle.

Vitamin D Testing

Recent studies have shown that vitamin D levels can have an impact on fertility in both males and females. For this reason, we test each patient’s vitamin D levels on-site. This test is not covered by OHIP which results in an additional fee.

Cycle Monitoring

Your cycle is monitored on a daily basis to assess how your hormones and ovaries respond throughout your menstrual cycle. Monitoring is done through blood testing and ultrasound examinations. The ultrasound facility at KARMA is regarded as one of the best. In fact, it has received perfect scores in assessments by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. It is open seven days a week for cycle monitoring patients starting at 7AM. KARMA also has a full-service laboratory where your specimens are tested on-site – with results the same day.


You will be asked to call on Day 1 of your cycle (first full day of bleeding) to book an ultrasound for Day 3. Your Day 3 ultrasound will require a full bladder. Your remaining ultrasounds are booked from Day 9 until you ovulate. These are transvaginal ultrasounds and do not require you to have a full bladder. You will have blood work done following each ultrasound to check your hormone levels.


This test is done anywhere between Day 5-11 of your cycle. A sonohysterogram is done to assess the endometrium (lining of the uterus). In most cases, a saline solution is used to assess tubal patency. A 3D ultrasound is also done at this time.

Endometrial Biopsy

The nurse will advise you once you ovulate and an endometrial biopsy will be scheduled 1 week later. A small sample of tissue will be taken from the lining of the uterus to determine if it is hormonally prepared to accept a fertilized egg.

Semen Analysis

We perform semen analysis, as well as specialized testing on sperm, to determine the status of male fertility. You must be referred by your doctor in order to schedule an appointment at KARMA. We do not accept lab requisitions. Specific instructions must be followed when collecting your sample. Click here.


Couples at KARMA are required to complete a counselling session as part of the investigative assessment. Counselling promotes the opportunity to discuss lifestyle issues or stressors which may be affecting fertility. This is also done to ensure you have adequate support through the process. Counselling is not covered by OHIP which results in an additional fee. (Some insurance companies may accept receipts for this service which will be provided to you upon payment).


Should you have any questions about these tests, please contact our office at 519-570-0090 x 1.