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At KARMA, our full service fertility program is recognized as one of Canada’s most successful programs. Using state of the art clinical, laboratory and imaging resources, our medical team plans the best treatment for you to achieving pregnancy.

infertility treatment services

ovulation induction

Oral medications or injections are given to increase the chances of ovulation and/or produce more eggs. Specific drug therapy will depend on diagnosis of the male and/or female factors contributing to infertility. 

AIH (Artificial Insemination with Husband or Partner) with IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)

This technique is used when there is male factor of mild to moderate degree. To increase sperm’s motility, a sperm wash is preformed, which removes the seminal fluid from the sample. The sperm are placed in a small volume of media. This sample is loaded in a catheter that is placed through the cervix, allowing sperm to be injected directly into the uterine cavity. The result is a higher concentration of motile sperm in the uterus than can be achieved by intercourse.

Therapeutic Donor Insemination (TDI)

To ensure that samples are safe and of the highest quality, donor sperm is purchased from sperm banks that meet Health Canada requirements (one of the strictest jurisdictions in the world for compulsory testing of donor sperm). The sperm samples are handled and injected in the same manner as with IUI.